Reaxys. What things you need to know about this database.


Reaxys is a unique web-based chemistry workflow solution which supports research and fuels discovery by integrating searches for reaction and substance data with synthesis planning and chemical sourcing.

Easy access to relevant and actionable results means chemists in academia and industry can move more quickly through their workflow steps to deliver superior outcomes.

Key Benefits

Reaxys enhances the exploration of chemical reaction and substance information, giving chemists more time for creativity and innovation and enabling them to meet their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Reaxys contains experimentally measured– not calculated – reaction and substance data, so that less time is spent interrogating results, and there are no false starts.
  • More effective generation of synthesis strategies: Reaxys’ synthesis planner supports the evaluation of alternative synthetic routes and allows chemists to identify and combine selected reaction steps.
  • Save time by getting relevant results: sophisticated relevance ranking algorithms combine with state-of-the-art filtering tools to help chemists find the answer they need. Reaxys prevents chemists from reading irrelevant articles and pursuing unsubstantiated references.
  • Superior coverage: historical data dating back to 1771 and coverage of the most important current journal and patents within chemistry ensure that Reaxys provides a unified source for reaction and substance data. Chemists no longer have to waste time accumulating data manually.
  • Deep dive into the chemical data: the data excerpted from the journals and patents meets carefully controlled selection criteria – namely that all organic, inorganic and organometallic properties and data are excerpted only if they have a structure, experimental fact and a credible citation. Reaxys delivers a detailed view of the chemistry data, so that the content is actionable, relevant and trustworthy.
  • Immediate access to commercial availability services: decide whether to synthesize or buy – all the relevant commercial information, including quantity, pricing and vendor information is available within the research workflow.
  • Flat-rate access: organization-wide, flat-rate access means that chemists can access the information they need immediately and simultaneously – no seat-based delays or budgetary concerns about task-based searches. Reaxys is also web-based, so chemists can access it anytime and anywhere.





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