Message from Scopus Team 2014/edition 1


The Scopus Team would like to notify you about the Scopus redesigned interface going live in early February 2014 – the most extensive redesign Scopus has seen since its launch in 2004. User-tested by librarians and researchers, the end result is a more productive search and discovery experience.

The primary goal of the redesign is to streamline the number of steps a researcher needs to take to accomplish the most common tasks.

Specific enhancements include:

  • Implementation of a new visual style resulting in a cleaner overall user interface
  • Application of more action-driven functionality with some features only appearing when a user performs an action
  • Redesign of specific pages such as the Document Results, Document Details (Abstract), and Author and Affiliation pages
  • Enhancements to export options and the ability to export directly to research management tools such as Mendeley


To learn more about Scopus’ forthcoming release, please use the following resources:

Experience the Scopus difference today and discover how easy it is to track, analyze and visualize research. Thank you for playing a part in the recent and long term success of Scopus.


The Scopus Team


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