Hi, Greetings,

Topic for today is about AtoZ e-Journal Locator.

1. More than just a simple journal listing service, EBSCO A-to-Z is a powerful locator tool that helps researchers to discover all of the electronic resources offered at the library especially arranged by subjects. Do you know USM Library has subscribed about 18017 titles for Social Science subject?

2. Browsing box allows users to quickly
find resources by title; advanced
search options also available.

3. Alpha and sub-alpha links allow for
easy, fast navigation.

4. Dictionary-style list provides easy
access to a specific page of results.

5. Direct links available for each database provider
that contains the journal title.

6. Coverage entitlements, including
embargoes, displayed for each resource.

7. Notes and icons provide
additional details.

8. Index of providers for all titles contained in library lists.

Let’s try to use AtoZ e-Journal Locator.




written by Muhammad Akmal Ahmat



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