SPIRESS Mobile Android App


We would like to inform the launch of SPIRESS Mobile Android App for USM customers. The Mobile App provide multiple features that can help you to enhance the efficiency of research activities.  You are also now have a convenient way to get help from the librarians by using this mobile app. Install it right now!!


  • Research News Feed
  • Workshop Registration Forms
  • Chat with the librarians
  • Facilitators background

spiresslite spiressfullversion

Proclamation statement
The mobile apps were developed by USM Librarians with collaboration UiTM Faculty of Information Management students. The app is a Beta version with two options available. There are Full version with a complete features and another one is Lite version with a minimum features. You are need to install the mobile app through internet browser (e.g.: Google Chrome) in your smartphone. Please get instructions from the Reference & Research Librarians or read the guide (click here) before downloading the mobile app. Please do not hesitate to try out the SPIRESS Mobile Android App. Please give feedback about this mobile app by email to akmal_ahmat@usm.my. Your support and cooperation are much appreciated.

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