Can eBrary ebook pages be downloaded?

Yes, it can be done but..

1. You have to sign in as an ebrary user using a personal account. You may use USM email or own facebook account [shown as attached below].


2. There are 3 options in downloading the ebrary ebook pages.

i.  Download by chapter.

ii. Download 30 pages only.

iii. Download the whole book.

– Install Software Adobe Digital Editions reader.

– The book will be available in your reader temporarily, as if it is on digital loan for 1 week.

– 1 person per-loan. [Failure to download means that another person is ‘borrowing’ the book]


Training Overview

BRP poster final small size

Library Research Support Program – Overview

The Library offers a regular program of training/workshops to further develop your research skills. The program, delivered by experienced librarians, provides guidance in relation to:

1) Literature Searching and Writing
2) Google Scholar for Researchers
3) Reference Management & Citation
4) Research Data Storage and Sharing
5) Publishing Guide
6) Optimise your online research profile

Interested to join? Click here to register