Information Searching for Beginner

Note: Check for the Training Schedule here & remote learning at USM Library Online Learning or learn from our Ready to Download Webinar Video.

About this Module

A perfect introductory class for every new student and researcher that covers some of the most needed basic information about the library and its resources.

Training coverage :

  1. Introduction to USM library
  • Library branches
  • Library building
  • Library facilities
  • Library counters
  • Library websites & workshops
  1. KRISALIS Searching platforms
  • OPAC
  • Discovery
  • e-Repository
  1. Searching techniques (Discovery)
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  1. Full-text Finder
  • Searching for library publications
  • Browse by discipline
  1. Library account
    • Log in to your account
      1. Renewal
      2. ReservationFines
      3. Fines
  • Off-campus log in


Library OPAC (to search for printed materials)

Library Guide Book

Book Shelf Guide

Inter Library Loan Forms