ENDNOTE is a software package designed to help you to organize citations and create a bibliography. It helps you to…
Find it: Search hundreds of online databases and import your existing PDF collection.
Store it: Organize and store your research and related notes and files in any way you want.
Create it: Use Cite While You Write (CWYW), our patented bibliography creation technology, to create and format your reports, manuscripts and proceedings.

The Library conducts Endnote training every week. The training will cover the following topics:

  • Creating a library
  • Adding references:
    • Manual way
    • Import from Databases – including finding full text and attaching files
  • Working with reference styles
  • Bibliographic templates
  • Setting preferences
  • Working with custom groups, smart groups, group sets
  • Importing references – databases, google scholar etc
  • Finding full text and attaching and working with pdf files
  • Cite While You Write (In-Text Citation)
  • Working with Word – inserting citations and managing bibliographies


Endnote Guide & Tutorials

Endnote FAQs


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