0n-Demand Training

On-Demand Training is one of the additional research support service provided by the Library to help students,academicians or researchers who are unable to attend the training based on our scheduled time.

In other word, now you will be able to attend the training course according to your convenience time (of course must be convenience to the availability of facilitators as well). For time being, the training available are:

  • Information Literacy Skills (Basic)
  • Information Literacy Skills (Advanced)
  • Endnote
  • Mendeley
  • Google Drive
  • Google Scholar
  • Easy-to-write with MS Word
  • NVivo
  • Open Access Publication

If you are interested to request for this special training,please follow the following requirements  :-

  1. The participants must be at least 10 people per session
  2. Email your request to cramlah@usm.my / rujukan@usm.my or contact us at 04-6535375 / 5350


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